Birth to Three Program family reading

B-3 Family Coaching

Babies learn to talk by listening to the voices of family members and caregivers from the time they are born. Any degree of hearing loss has the potential to interrupt speech, language, and learning development. Listen and Talk’s Birth to Three Program team helps families meet the developmental needs of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing by acting as coaches. Our specialists help families understand the process of listening and talking in a natural, playful way during everyday routines.


Telepractice is a growing component of our B-3 Program. Virtual Home Visits (VHV) and Family Meetings permit two-way, real-time, interactive communication between our providers and families. Secure video conferencing technology allows birth to three families to access VHVs using a computer, tablet or smartphone. This technology allows for flexible scheduling, expanded opportunities for participation by additional caregivers, and increased access for families living in remote areas.

Birth to Three Program family participating in virtual services

B-3 Mentorship and Support

Teaching listening and spoken language to a child who is deaf and hard highly rewarding yet it is no easy task. That is why Listen and Talk connects families with each other and with adults who are deaf/hard of hearing for mentorship and support. These meaningful connections may be initiated at any time and introductions can be made in person, by email, phone, or through video conferencing.

LENA Program

Our Birth to Three Program utilizes LENA Technology to track conversational turns. With a wearable device and cloud-based software, families and Listen and Talk providers receive valuable insights that support a child’s listening and spoken language journey.  Visit our LENA page to learn more. Click here.

Child with hearing loss wearing a LENA vest


Child with in Listen and Talk's Birth to Three Program wearing Hearing Technology