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Our staff members are specialists in the areas of auditory-verbal education, auditory-verbal therapy, audiology, early childhood and elementary education, early childhood/special education, speech-language pathology, and nonprofit administration.

Maura Berndsen
Executive Director

Maura Berndsen, MA, CED, LSLS Cert. AVT
Listen and Talk | Executive Director

What do you love most about working at Listen and Talk?

I love our team at Listen and Talk!

We have the opportunity to actively collaborate with each other, the families, and our partners in clinics and school districts every day!

What’s your educational/employment background?

I have always been involved with children and teaching…In my youth, I worked as a babysitter, lifeguard, and swim instructor. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in deaf education with a listening and spoken language focus, I have always worked at an OPTION school, supporting children who are deaf/hard of hearing and their families as they develop listening and spoken language. I completed my graduate degree in education with an emphasis in early childhood education to help me better address the needs of young children with hearing loss.

What drew you to the field?

The opportunity to help children and families discover the power of language through the integration of hearing sciences and the art of teaching fascinated me as I explored career options. The continued evolution of technology and teaching practices has kept this path exciting!

Tell our readers about some of your interests/hobbies outside Listen and Talk!

I’ve maintained my status as a “band geek” and “bookworm” over the years. I adore music and reading. I like exploring the outdoors with my family and enjoy a good swim with my daughter. I’ve had the opportunity to travel a bit in recent years and it is wonderful to meet people and see other parts of this amazing world!

If you had just 1 box for all of your stuff, what would you put in it?

I would include photos and letters, especially from my family members. We often look at photos dating back to my great-grandparents, my husband’s and my childhood, and the digital photos that show so many special times we’ve had as a family. I’d also include my baby book (which my parents used to capture experiences, milestones, and events over my early years) and my daughter’s baby book.



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